It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Now more than ever we need to provide a village of support for our babies, our mothers, our fathers, and our carers.

Safe Sleep Day is Friday 3 December so we’re calling on kāinga to rally around parents of newborns to give them the rest and support they need so they can keep baby safe.

Our Why

Raising a family in 2021 is challenging and parents can be fatigued, mentally, physically and emotionally.

My Baby’s Village shows important roles families can play to support parents and care givers of babies. It is also a place to seek information about caring for baby and helping to promote wellbeing while minimising risks such as SUDI in our Pacific communities. By working together as a family/village, doing small or large acts of ofa (love) makes a huge difference.  Now more than ever it is important for us to reach out and provide a village of support for our babies, our mothers, our fathers.

Here's how you can support

There are some simple ways to support parents with young children in your family.

Affirm and encourage

Speaking words of life and encouragement can make a difference to parents of newborns.

Support and take action

It takes a village to raise a child so reach out if you have the time to lend a hand. Assure them that there is no shame in prioritizing self-care.

Champion safe sleep 

Babies love routines. Helping each other can ensure babies have a safe sleep every time.

Ready to show your support?

We’ve put together some resources to help you see that whether you do a little or a lot, it all helps our mums and dads out. Click the link below to explore these.