Ie Pili Workshops

An Ie Pili is a treasured Niue taoga, gifted to individuals at important events such as the birth of a newborn baby, weddings, birthdays, haircutting and ear-piercing ceremonies.


Designs and sizes vary, but the aim is to ensure all corners of the sheet and material are prepared for the sewer to connect the edges together. The stitching of material can be incorporated as ‘threading new knowledge’ as mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers, or families make these for their baby.


Working alongside our community partners, each workshop helps families create a taoga that is significant for their baby. Importantly, making an Ie Pili, offers an opportunity to talanoa about the wellbeing of parents and their baby such as the importance of safe sleep and a safe sleep space, coping with a new baby and the importance of reaching out to their village support networks.