About Us

At the heart of My Baby’s Village is the care, health and wellbeing of our Pacific infants, children, mothers, fathers, carers and families.


We are a growing collective of cross-sectoral organisations, community groups, NGOs, health providers, churches, and community champions working together to do more to bring about positive and long-lasting change for the care, health and wellbeing of our Pacific families.


My Baby’s Village draws on culturally anchored systems and principles of collective impact to effect change for Pacific babies and children in Aotearoa at both population level and family level. Drawn together by a common goal to reduce the rates of Pacific infant deaths and bring about positive and long lasting change for the health and wellbeing of our Pacific families, Pacific peoples in various sectors and communities made a commitment to work together as part of My Baby’s Village to coordinate efforts and to achieve collectively what individual sectors, organisations or groups could not achieve alone.


MBV values the elevation of Pacific world views, Pacific ways of working, and approaches that work for Pacific peoples. We recognise the traditional and contemporary Pacific knowledge and expertise currently held within our communities and their role when working in collaboration with our communities.


Working alongside our communities is fundamental for achieving long-term change. This is why community activations that support ACTION, determined and led by our communities and families, are another significant lever towards caring for our children and their families.


We believe that investing in solutions by and for the community will have a more significant impact.


We also acknowledge that MBV is not a complete solution. Still, it can be one way of improving health and wellbeing outcomes for our Pacific infants, children, mothers, fathers, carers, and families.