Raising a family is challenging and parents are fatigued, mentally, physically and emotionally

Baby’s first year of life can be both the best and hardest time for parents. Find out more about what to expect during your first year by clicking the button below.

Safe Sleep Day - 2 December 2022

The aim of National Safe Sleep Day – Te Rā Mokopuna is to raise awareness about Sudden Unexpected Death in Infants (SUDI), with the vision of reducing the rate in which it occurs in our New Zealand families and communities. SUDI is preventable, and the risk factors for our babies can be significantly reduced should the rights steps be implemented.

What is SUDI?

SUDI is a collective term used to describe the unexpected death of an infant and includes cases of unexplained cause as well as those caused by accidental and preventable circumstances. 

SUDI is an important equity issue and is preventable for most babies. The rates of Pacific SUDI are higher than non-Maori, non-Pacific and while there are large fluctuations over the years, Pacific rates continue to be of a concern.  While many of these deaths are preventable, there are steps parents and their family can take to reduce the risk to baby.  

The first step is recognising signs of fatigue, as tiredness can cause parents to take actions that may not be safest for baby while they sleep.

We’ve put together resources you can download and print out so you can put it up in your office, home or community space. Click on the images to take a closer look. To download, click on the image and click the arrow in the top right corner.


Regular Check-Ups

All babies and children are eligible for regular health check-ups through a Well Child provider. The Well Child Tamariki Ora programme is a series of health visits and support that are free to all families for children from around 6 weeks up to 5 years of age. (LEARN MORE)

Find your nearest Well Child Provider by clicking the button below:

Other Well Child Providers include:

South Seas Healthcare Well Child

Ph: 09 273 9017

Website: Click Here 

K’aute Pasifika Services

Ph: 07 834 1482

Website: Click Here 

Pacific Hutt Valley Well Child

Ph: 04 577 0394

Website: Click Here 

Pasefika Family Health Group

Ph: 09-528-9800 / 0800 33 22 03


Website: Click Here


Ph: 0800 933 922

Website: Click Here 

South Waikato Pacific Islands Community Services Trust (SWPICS)

Ph: 07-886 0010


Website: Click Here 

Financial Help

Sometimes managing income can be a challenge especially if you have left work to care for your baby. See what financial help is available for your aiga to help care for baby.

Mental Health Support

Our friends at Le Va and Mapu Maia provide support for those needing advice or support with  mental health,  and addictions.  Click on the buttons below to see how they may be able to help you out at this time.

Care for children with serious conditions and special needs

The Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service provides support to children and families with serious conditions and special needs.

Useful websites

Here are a few websites that we have put links to that you may find useful. 


  • An online tool that helps parents access the right services for their baby such as support for parenting, breastfeeding, anxiety and depression, budgeting and financial help, and links to Well Child / Tamariki Ora.

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