Stories from our Village

Family and friends can support parents of newborns so they can get the rest they need and keep baby safe.

We’ve gathered stories from the village showing how support can make a difference.  It took great courage for our families to share so we hope that when you read our articles, you will be inspired to take action or encourage others to join you if you are already part of the village raising baby. Click on the photos below to read more.

Resa & Tavai Story  – Nana Lends a Hand


Resa and Tavai are new parents to three-month-old Resa. They have been living with Tavai’s parents over the past three months through lockdown. With the support of Tavai’s parents, they are learning the ins and outs of their new roles with baby.


Meleane Story – Small Acts Matter


Meleane is a community-minded single mother of five on a mission to create opportunities for New Zealand-based Tongan artists and creatives to find success. It’s also in the community where Meleane has discovered the benefits of accessing help and support services for her family. 


Liam and Fita – Aiga Working Together


Fita and Liam are first-time parents to nine-month-old Caleb (CJ). Now that Fita has returned to work, they are grateful for the helping hands of their fanau who care for CJ through the day. READ MORE

Caleb & Erykah – Papa Leads the Way


At 23, Erykah and Caleb are young stay-at-home parents to Luca (2) and Sadie (3 months). Their son Luca has a rare brain abnormality that means he is unable to see or walk, and requires 24-hour care. The young family is supported by their wider fanau. READ MORE

Claudia – That’s What Friends are For


2021 has been a challenging year for Claudia Schmidt, a mother and police detective who is adjusting to life without her husband while finding her feet as a newly-minted mother of three. She has found strength in receiving support from her network of friends. READ MORE